Aviation Needs Resolved

Berkut Aviation provides contract pilot services as well as aircraft management and ownership information. While we specialize in classic Falcons (50, 50EX, 900A/B/C, and 900EX) we can also provide crew for other corporate aircraft operating under part 91 rules.

The pilots we provide have extensive domestic and international experience, both with CPDLC as well as HF operations if needed. All pilots carry at least one passport and are able to travel anywhere needed on a moment’s notice.

Aircraft management is done in conjunction with Tailwind Services out of Dallas, TX. We manage a number of aircraft, including Falcon 50’s, 900’s, and Lear 45’s and are capable of managing all aspects of your aircraft ownership needs regardless of aircraft type. We prefer starting at determining the best aircraft for the mission, then managing all aspects of ownership and maintaining operational readiness until you are looking to sell the aircraft as you upgrade your fleet.

About the Name

Berkut Aviation is named after the famed Berkut or Golden Eagles of the Himalayas. While falconry has been practiced throughout the world for millennia, hunting with the Berkut Eagle has been a specialty in Kyrgyzstan where the hunter (Berkutchi) trains with the eagle from just after it is born. Often on horseback, the Berkutchi and Berkut will hunt for their villages for up to 20 years as a pair with the bird released to the wild thereafter.

The largest of the golden eagles, their wingspan averages over 7 feet (with one captive female measuring 9’3″ tip to tip!) allowing these impressive hunters to take down animals as large as wolves.


Have an aircraft inquiry? Call us ‪(972) 379-8830. We are based at Dallas Love Field but can manage aircraft and crew anywhere in the US.